MLB season launching in the Rona free zone

See the source image (Chase Field, Arizona)

Here we go. The news we all wanted to here. The MLB plans to start the season in Arizona with Fan-Free games. Starting in May, the MLB is hoping to be able to start the season with all 32 teams playing in Arizona. There would be multiple teams playing everyday at different times in the brutal heat of Arizona on minor league fields with no fans. The plan would be to start and continue the season strictly in Arizona for the next four to five months. It sounds like a great deal for all of us who want to just want to be able to watch some sports during this quarantine. Although, the baseball world has spoken, and some players have given their thoughts on this idea.

Chris Sale on the Arizona plan “I don’t know if I could look at my kids through a screen for 4-5 months.” (CBS Sports) If you want me to be honest, I could care less what Sale says because he just got tommy john and is going to provide absolutely nothing to the sox for this season. Nevermind the fact that he provided the same amount in last years run too. An unknown New York Mets player stated “Its the desert, stuff doesn’t live there, it dies there.” Who cares who he is but all we know is he plays for the Mets and its okay we don’t need the Mets to show up anyway.

If the MLB puts this plan into action, the sport will not be the same. The plans for how games will be played are not what you will expect. First of all they want get rid of the dugout. Vibe check. If you’ve played on a baseball team, and have been in a dugout, then you know how much the dugout means to the team. That’s where you, and the team can joke around, chew gum, spit seeds, and be dudes. They plan is on having players sit in the stands. All of them would be “six feet apart”. Are we serious… I cant imagine every MLB team sitting in the stands where each person is six feet apart from each other. What’s the point of playing the game if you want players sitting six feet away from each other in the stands. The batter and catcher are literally two feet way from each other, or what about when the runner goes to steal second and someone has to go tag him. There are countless times in baseball where players come in contact. Now, the best part of it all, the MLB plans to implement the electronic strike zone. In all sports there is always some sort of human error because all refs and umps can make mistakes. Now we have to deal with the “Perfect strike zone” for each batter. Honestly, I just wanna here the ump after a strike three call. A good strike three call from the ump can really get the boys going in the field.

The plans of continuing the season sounds like a great idea to me, although it is in oddly fashion. Some players don’t seem to be too interested, and that could hurt the leagues plan. They can most definitely tweak some of the points to this plan to make this real baseball. Anything that can glue me to my TV for a couple of hours would be good enough for me, but if we have non-stop televised baseball games all day for the foreseeable future sounds even better.

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