Is Jarrett Stidham Our Guy?

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In my last blog I recapped the most memorable Tom Brady moments over the last two decades, with that being said, it’s now time to see what’s in store for the future. With Brady leaving, we shift our attention onto Jarrett Stidham, a bluechip prospect finishing his collegiate career as an Auburn Tiger. Personally… I’m a HUGE Stidham guy. He’s a 6’3, 200lb Prototype QB who has the capability to make the big time throws in big time games. That being said, will he fit into Josh McDaniels offense and “The Patriot Way”? Is Jarrett Stidham the one who can lead the New England Patriots to their seventh super bowl, and continue the historic dynasty? I believe so, and I’ll tell you why.

Track Record

Stidham was born and raised in the South where football runs the universe. Attending high school in Texas he put up some crazy numbers. Finishing up his senior year with 2,934 passing yards and 35 TD’s made him the #2 Dual-threat QB in the nation..

Just like any college athlete, Stidham battled adversity. Stidham got off to a rocky start in the NCAA. On the fence between Baylor and Texas Tech, where at TT he would have worked with QB Guru Kliff Kingsbury and his Air Raid Offense. Unfortunately for him, he stuck with Baylor. Stidham was in a QB battle and ended up losing the number one spot. He kept his nose to the grindstone and he earned his spot after an injury to the QB1 (sound familiar?). After starting as a backup for his first collegiate season, he threw 12 TD’s and more importantly only 2 INT’s in just 10 games as a true freshman. Which let me remind you, was in the highly competitive Big 12.

His Perseverance

Following the Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal, Jarrett was out of a job. He ended up playing scout team QB for some community college in Waco, Texas awaiting offers from D1 schools. This time Stidham decided to take his talents down to the SEC and was given the starting job for the Auburn Tigers in 2017. All season for Auburn he displayed great poise and making those big time throws in the big time games. Everyone knows about the historic Alabama-Auburn rivalry, well Jarrett Stidham was able to hand Alabama their only loss during their 2017 championship run. Sophomore year gave everyone an idea of who Jarrett Stidham was. Junior year things took a turn for the worse. Going into the season the AP Poll had high hopes for the Tigers, ranking them at #9 in the voting. Cracks began to show early on in the season, especially the highlighted lack of skill players surrounding Stidham. As a result, Draft Pundits were a lot more skeptical on the 6’3 QB from Texas.

Bottom Line

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If you want me to be honest, I love this Jarrett Stidham kid. He’s an absolute dog on and off the field. Between sliding into the DM’s of Instagram models, and throwing pool parties with smokeshows, New England is in good hands. His resume speaks for itself. Bluechip QB prospect in High School, success in two top conferences in NCAAF, prototypical build. You can listen to Todd McShay preaching that Stidham isn’t ready for the big time, but I suggest you dig a little deeper into our new signal caller. The kids got grit.

By Brad J. Bombard

Sox Fan, Pats Fan, Yankees hater

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