NBA Season being Cancelled?

What a world we live in huh. 2020 has gotten off to a start like the 2012 Sox season. First, it started off with people talking about a World War III with Iran. Then, Kobe… RIP Mamba. Now, the Corona Virus, aka Covid 19, aka Rona. I don’t know what to call it anymore but I could care less at this point. Everything has basically shut down except all “Essential Businesses” which apparently includes liquor stores, but who’s complaining. By far, the worst part about all this is the fact that there are no Sports going on. Absolutely nothing. All professional sports have been cancelled and its taken the heart out of all us sports fans. There would be nothing better in this horrible quarantine than being able to turn on the television tonight and seeing some good primetime basketball. Nevermind the fact that we cant bet on them either. Nothing better than making the thirty minute drive down to Twin River and getting that $10 eight team parlay in that can win you $350. Really juices up the night to say the least. Anyways lets get to the big news.

On this day, one of the biggest phone calls of all phone calls is going down. Between President Trump and all major league sports commissioners talking about…wait what are they talking about? Are we going to resume the season with no fans? Keep the season on pause? Or are we throwing the towel in on 2020? Trump is a man a business and when I think sports I smell business. This Rona is serious though and it seems the season could be in real threat of not resuming. Which is heartbreaking because the first half of the year was the so entertaining. I mean c’mon that all-star game. That was like watching a finals game. The league was at a all-time high from a competitive standpoint. The players were hungrier than ever to win. Lets get back to this phone call. Imagine being able tune into this call. Its not all of them but here’s some of the notable characters. Dana White, UFC , Adam Silver, NBA , Rob Manfred MLB, Roger Goodell, NFL, Vince McMahon WWE, and of course Trump.

Dana White and the UFC are still going as UFC 249 airs on 4/18. You can pretty much guess his take on continuing the professional sports. How about Adam Silver? Some NBA players have gotten although some have recovered which is good. I’m really hoping a June return is possible. I could care less about the regular season, just start up the playoffs. Next is Rob Manfred. I lost all respect for this guy when he let the Astros keep the trophy they don’t deserve. I could care less about this guys opinion but he better try and get this MLB season going soon. The man, the myth, the loser, Roger Goodell. I have no idea what this moron is going to bring up on this call. Probable try and convince trump to cut player salaries or something that everyone else is against. Last but not least we got Vince McMahon. This is the best one. The Commissioner of the XFL and WWE. He’s living life huh. Best part about all this is that one upon a time Vince McMahon and Donald Trump fought on live tv for the WWE. Now Trumps our President and Vince brought the XFL back from the dead. WrestleMania is actually tonight and tomorrow as a two day event hosted by Gronk. That’s pretty dope but no fans is a buzzkill. Here’s Donald with the good form with the close-line takedown on Vince.

It will most definitely be a phone call that will set the format for all sports in the coming weeks, maybe months. In my opinion at this time, for everyone during these times, the NBA can bring life back to this country as it has before. Sports fuels this country with energy and entertainment. It would help us get through our daily lives, in these times where we do literally nothing. If I was able to wake up and look forward to the Celtics squaring off against LA or Toronto, it would be a great feeling. Lets just hope and pray the phone call goes our way and they find ways to reach an agreement on how to continue the season. This would be the beginning of America regaining its faith in this fight against Covid 19.

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